Nobody likes the idea of wearing a denture, and while it is not inevitable that anyone will need a denture, it is still a fact that as we age teeth are often lost and need to be replaced. Complete Dentures today can be made to look very life like; there is a large choice of materials to choose from. They can be custom made by a skilled dental technician working with your dentist in Nottingham over normally 5 -6 visits. Dentures today are more natural looking, and they can be individually customised to give you the exact appearance you are looking for.

Types of Denture

Dentures are made of a very hard plastic, custom fitted to impressions taken of your mouth by your dentist in Nottingham. The teeth which have been chosen are fitted to this base. The choice of teeth available now is numerous, and your dentist in Nottingham will always offer you the teeth that will be most suitable for your smile and face. During the visits you will have the opportunity to see the denture at a trial stage. If any alterations are necessary then your Nottingham dentist can make them before the denture is completed. The type of denture most suited to you personally, will be considered with you at your consultation with your dentist in nottingham.

Partial dentures can cause a lot of problems, they may only replace a few teeth, yet feel quite large in your mouth. The traditional plastic partial denture can also have a tendency to have teeth break off. It is a fact that over half of all lower partial dentures made are never worn!

To make a tight denture we have always either had to put metal clips on a denture, or made the whole partial denture out of a material such as Chrome Cobalt. These are very strong, and generally fit very well, they are often unsightly due to the metal of the clasps showing.

The Valplast Flexible Partial denture is a virtually unbreakable removable partial denture that many people find very comfortable. These lightweight partials are almost invisible, and totally eliminate metal clasps. Many dentists in Nottingham offer the valplast denture. They are made from a strong, durable plastic that snaps securely into place around your existing teeth and gums. The plastic is so strong that a partial made from it can be very thin, getting rid of the old bulky feeling that partials dentures used to have. The colour and shade of Valplast partials blends in well with the natural appearance of your gums making them unnoticeable.

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