Hopefully for most people brushing their teeth is second nature. Your local Nottingham dentist can advise you on the correct technique. One of the main reasons we use a toothbrush is to remove plaque bacteria that constantly grows on our teeth. This plaque bacteria creates volatile sulphur compounds responsible for bad breath along with a dilute acid which eats into tooth enamel to create cavaties.

As you can see good dental care has both long and short term benefits. Your Nottingham dentist can offer you a dental hygiene program with professional products.

Nottingham dentists recommended you brush your teeth first thing in the morning and again before you go to bed. If viable it is also worthwhile brushing your teeth after eating.

Equally as important as how often is the technique used while brushing. Common problems include not reaching all areas and also pressing on too hard.

You can purchase an electric toothbrush from your Nottingham dental practice. When using an electric toothbrush we strongly advise you read the operating instructions supplied before first use. Use of an electric toothbrush differs slightly from that of a manual brush and in doing so you will ensure optimum cleaning performance. Even if you have used other electric toothbrushes before we still recommend you check the manual as different models may use different techniques. Electric toothbrushes usually do much of the brushing for you, meaning you move the brush around much less and let the motorised bristle head do the work as you gently move it around your mouth. Applied with the correct pressure you will allow yourself to achieve a focused deep cleaning action on all areas.

Too much pressure or brushing for too long can lead to various problems including damage to the gums and onset of gingivitis and damaged teeth enamel. Using an electric toothbrush such as the Braun Oral-B or Sonicare range allows you to regulate the brushing time and pressure applied using a built in timer and pressure sensor. With the Sonicare in particular it is quite difficult to apply too much pressure due the brushing method used.

Basic Brushing Tips

Hold the toothbrush with a finger grip, similar in manner to how you would hold a pen. Do not use a fist grip as this could cause you to be forceful and loose brushing precision. When using an electric toothbrush the grip will vary from model to model as the handle is of different shapes, we advise you consult the supplied manual if unsure.

Focus the action of the toothbrush head where the teeth meet the gums. Moving the toothbrush back and forth in a gentle manner around this area will help remove the layer of germs that form plaque.

As well as cleaning around the tooth and gum boundary take time to clean every tooth surface. Remember not to forget the back of the teeth and between the gaps.

It is a good idea to clean each tooth in turn as you progress around the mouth. This will help ensure no teeth are missed and will develop a routine. Using the Sonicare ‘Quadpacer’ technology you are able to easily divide up the mouth in to four quarters in order to cover all areas equally.

Your Nottingham dentist or dental hygienist can advise you on how to brush your children’s teeth.  If children enter the habit of having their teeth brushed at an early age they are more likely to maintain healthy teeth. Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear in the mouth. Use a baby brush and a small smear of flouride toothpaste. Obvisously at this age an electric toothbrush is not suitable and the fine control you need may be found using a specifically designed baby’s manual toothbrush such as those available from the Oral-B range. We suggest should you require a more in depth explanation you consult your family dentist in Nottingham.

In general children under seven will need help to get their teeth fully clean as they may not posses the physical dexterity to fully cover all areas of the mouth. A common technique is to stand behind them and hold the brush, guiding it with them as they brush. This will help them become accustomed to the correct brushing procedure.

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