Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry which involves the straightening and alignment of teeth. It usually involves wearing a brace or a retainer over a long period of time. Many dentists in Nottingham offer orthodontic treatments. The braces are made from wires and springs attached to tiny metal plates or a plastic mould. The brace applies gentle forces to the teeth and encourages them to adopt a different alignment. The best orthodontic results are achieved with children when their teeth are still growing, many adults have orthodontic treatment but the process takes much longer.

The Nottingham orthodontist will assess the teeth that need to be aligned and create either a fixed or removable brace, which can be adjusted during the course of the treatment to achieve the desired effect. The fixed braces as their name implies are permanent fixtures and are removed at the end of the treatment period, whereas removable braces can be taken off for eating and cleaning but are generally worn at all other times.

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Some cosmetic dentists in Nottingham offer Invisalign which uses a series of clear virtually invisible aligners that are custom-moulded to your teeth and help reposition them gradually over time. The advantages of Invisalign are that the aligners can be removed to eat and clean and it is not obvious to others that you are having treatment or wearing braces. The aligners are also changed every two weeks. Other more discrete methods of straightening teeth include lingual braces, which are attached to the inner surface of the teeth. To find out the best method to realign your teeth book a consultation with your Nottingham dentist. Most Nottingham Invisalign orthodontists offer a free initial consultation.

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